Can I Refuse To Sign A Lease?
You can be evicted if you refuse to sign a new lease, but only if the lease contains "terms which are materially the same as in the previous agreement." READ MORE →
My Landlord Died, Am I About To Lose My Apartment?
Like the unicorn, rent controlled apartments are mythical and fast becoming extinct, especially when they become objects of desire for Twitter-motherfuckers and bubble-headed investors. READ MORE →
How Much Do I Have To Help The Realtor Who Wants To Evict Me?
Realtors--irrefutable proof that the United States is not a meritocracy. Between the lies, the drivel and the nonsensical notion that real estate agents are professionals, these guys make lawyers look good. READ MORE →
When Can My Landlord Ask For My Annual Rent Increase?
Your one-year lease guarantees your rent for one year, not 11 months. This is even true in Bakersfield and Yuba City! READ MORE →