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Ant Infestation
At the beginning of the cold snap, the ants were gone. My stomach sank. I knew they were in the house. A few days later they made their ingress at the base of our food pantry, and there were suddenly hundreds of ants swarming on those food shelves, a READ MORE →
How Can I Get My Landlord To Consistently Heat My Apartment?
You should not have to heat your apartment with your oven. That's the bottom line here. It's dangerous, expensive and while it is not per se illegal, if you start a fire, you're going to get blamed for it. READ MORE →
Smoked Out
Our lease prohibits smoking in all apartments in the entire building. Recently, we have been smoked out of our apartment by new neighbors across the hall. READ MORE →
Time To Get Medieval?
A three-month old baby in Louisiana died in her home from blood loss due to rat bites. The landlord spent FEMA money earmarked to repair the house on something else. READ MORE →