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My Landlord Forged Documents To Get Me Evicted
Your landlord pulled one of the oldest, dirtiest tricks in the landlord playbook. We in the business call it "sewer service." READ MORE →
Does A Mistake In My Lease Give Me Free Rent?
This is just a mistake in the drafting of the lease. You're not going to get a free month's rent. You should, however, be able to point out the mistake to get out a month early. READ MORE →
There’s A Mouse In My (Boarding) House
If you think that living with roommates is a pain in the ass, try living in a boarding house. READ MORE →
How Do I Get Reimbursed For Utility Overages That Aren’t My Fault?
The legal, polite way to to handle this is to be polite but direct. The leak needs to be fixed and you want your money back. READ MORE →