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Three Tenant Troubles–Roommate Rousting, Co-Tenant Challenges, Condo Craziness
Getting eviction advice from your landlord is like getting dating advice from that uncle who’s spent most of his adult life in prison–your landlord wants to evict anything that moves. READ MORE →
How Do I Get My Landlord To Fix The Elevator?
Elevators are very expensive to repair and/or replace. Most landlords would rather use a duct tape and bubblegum approach than spend the dough to do the job correctly. READ MORE →
Are There Penalties For A Late Security Deposit Interest Payment?
There is no penalty for late payment of security deposit interest in San Francisco. READ MORE →
Can My Landlord Evict Me For Getting Pregnant?
The California legislature has made it crystal clear that we do not tolerate discrimination against families with children or pregnant women with respect to housing. READ MORE →