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Grand Theft Security Deposit Again?
Landlords steal hundreds of million of dollars in security deposits from tenants every year, aided and abetted by our so-called representatives who will not cross their real estate industry/landlord masters. READ MORE →
Can My Landlord Make Me Pay To Replace The Carpet?
Normal wear and tear to carpets, drapes and other furnishings cannot be charged against a tenant's security deposit. (Civil Code Section 1950.5(e).) READ MORE →
I Think My Landlord Is Crazy, Do I Need To Move Out?
The bridge you don't want to burn is a bridge to nowhere. You were never going to get a good reference from your landlord, Captain Ahab, anyway. READ MORE →
Can My Landlord Hang On To My Deposit For Utility Bills?
Civil Code § 1950.5, the statute dealing with the collection and refund of security deposits, does not allow deductions for utility bills. READ MORE →