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Another Tenant Screwed by Costa Hawkins
Costa Hawkins--a bi-partisan law enacted in 1995 by the band of pandering griftocrats we call our state legislators. READ MORE →
Can My (Troll) Landlord Give A 24-Hour Notice For Entry That Lasts All Week?
Landlord trolls with a Caligula complex are particularly dangerous because many of them are richer than god and they have a divinity delusion to boot. READ MORE →
My Erratic Landlord Is Asking For An Illegal Rent Increase
You think your landlord is strung out on drugs. He may be, but sometimes the behavior one ascribes to drugs can simply be a syphilitic dementia-like, Caligula-style obsession for control commonly found in landlords. READ MORE →
My Landlord Died, Am I About To Lose My Apartment?
Like the unicorn, rent controlled apartments are mythical and fast becoming extinct, especially when they become objects of desire for Twitter-motherfuckers and bubble-headed investors. READ MORE →