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I Think We Have A Squatter In Our Garage
Strictly speaking, squatters do not need to be formally evicted, that is served with notice and sued in unlawful detainer. READ MORE →
Should I Propose A Buyout to My Landlord?
Correctly or not, landlords figure that a tenant offering a buyout may be ready to move voluntarily anyway--as in already found a new place and wants some quick cash to exit. READ MORE →
My Landlord Said I Didn’t Have To Pay Rent, But Now She Wants It
Are we required to pay the landlord rent she claims we owe, even once other arrangements had been made? READ MORE →
What Are My Rights If My Building’s Not Rent Controlled?
If candidates for mayor or any other office say they don't want to extend the just cause eviction provisions of the Rent Ordinance to buildings built after 1979, tell them to fuck off. READ MORE →