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Why Won’t My Landlords Take A Rent Check From My Partner?
You need to gather evidence that your partner moved into the unit at the same time you did, despite not being named on the lease. READ MORE →
Can I Have My Living Situation “Both Ways”?
Pay the rent. That's the best single piece of advice I can give to tenants. You'd be surprised at how many landlord issues disappear when you pay the rent. READ MORE →
When Can My Landlord Ask For My Annual Rent Increase?
Your one-year lease guarantees your rent for one year, not 11 months. This is even true in Bakersfield and Yuba City! READ MORE →
Will The Board Of Supes’ Soft-Story Retrofit Requirement End Up Costing Me A Bundle?
Like the issue of soft-story retrofits, the San Francisco capital improvements Ordinance and Rules are complicated and dense. READ MORE →