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Why Can’t My Wife Sign Our Rent Check?
If you are the only signatory to the lease, one could argue that you should be the one signing the rent checks. If both you and your wife are named on the lease then your landlord is just being an idiot. READ MORE →
Can Our Landlord Kick Us Out When Our Roommate Moves?
Remember, because you live in a house, a single-family dwelling, you are only protected by the "just cause" provisions of the Rent Ordinance, not the price controls. The landlord can increase the rent as much he wants to. READ MORE →
Can My Landlord “Bank” My Annual Rent Increases?
"Landlords: They are legion, they do not forgive, they do not forget. Expect annual rent increases." READ MORE →
My New Landlord Wants To Jack Up My Rent For “Operating And Maintenance Expenses Passthrough”
In California, tenants should be emailing their legislators every second of every day, to demand repeal of the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act (Civil Code section 1954.50 to 1954.535). READ MORE →