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Can My (Troll) Landlord Give A 24-Hour Notice For Entry That Lasts All Week?
Landlord trolls with a Caligula complex are particularly dangerous because many of them are richer than god and they have a divinity delusion to boot. READ MORE →
My Landlord Went Through My Closet
You've probably noticed that there are several major themes in landlord tenant relationships. This one is the, "It's my property and I can do anything I want. Just call me Massa and be grateful that you pay me $31,800.00 per year for the privilege." READ MORE →
Can My Landlord Search My Apartment For Pot?
SF Tenant asks: Can my landlord give me a notice to enter to search my apartment for pot? READ MORE →
My Building Manager Says I’m Denying Access To My Apt., But I’m Not!
The building "manager/lawyer" did not answer my questions about him and then accused me of denying access. READ MORE →