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My Former Landlord Won’t Return My Security Deposit Or Call Me Back
If every tenant in California wrote to his or her state legislators every time a landlord ripped off a security deposit, maybe the law could be re-written to reflect proactive preventions enacted by many other states. READ MORE →
How Do I Get My Deposit Back If My Building’s In Foreclosure?
The banks and owners will all tell you that your security deposit is, poof, gone, up in smoke. Not true. READ MORE →
Foreclosure: Banks Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Obey the Law
Banks may not use terms like "vig" or "nut", but they are foreclosing as zealously as loan sharks. They're throwing innocent tenants out of their houses in the process. What can you do about it? READ MORE →
Your Landlord Is Lying To You, Why Are You Lying FOR Him?
Tenants: Never, ever lie for your landlord! READ MORE →