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Do I Have To Keep Using The Crappy Furniture That Came With My Apartment?
Read the lease as broadly as possible to see if any language applied to removing the furniture could be used to evict you for breach of contract. READ MORE →
I Think We Have A Squatter In Our Garage
Strictly speaking, squatters do not need to be formally evicted, that is served with notice and sued in unlawful detainer. READ MORE →
My Landlord’s Threatening To Evict Me Because My Boyfriend Moved In To Take Care of Me
To paraphrase David Mamet, the landlord business is a people business. It's a fucking people business. READ MORE →
Can I Be Evicted For Subletting Without Permission?
San Francisco is expensive and many landlords these days want to cash in on the new Twitter/tech boom. One of the easiest ways to remove rent-controlled tenants is to sue them for illegal subletting. READ MORE →