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Can My New Landlord Take Away My Storage Space?
Storage is one of the first things the new landlord will remove from a pesky, low-paying, long-term tenant--an obvious ploy to begin to make a rent-controlled tenant uncomfortable. READ MORE →
Does My Landlord Need To Reimburse Me When I Can’t Use The Garage?
I think that a court would see the loss of the garage for two days as a reasonable loss of use. READ MORE →
Should I Rent An Apartment That’s In Bad Shape?
Do you rent the unit, despite it's relatively minor problems, or do you point them out to your prospective landlord and risk losing an opportunity to rent a reasonably priced apartment? READ MORE →
Do I Have To Subsidize My Landlord’s Improvements On Another Building?
Common courtesy should dictate that the landlord inform you, in advance, that the repairs were going to commence READ MORE →