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My Landlord Died, Am I About To Lose My Apartment?
Like the unicorn, rent controlled apartments are mythical and fast becoming extinct, especially when they become objects of desire for Twitter-motherfuckers and bubble-headed investors. READ MORE →
Should I Propose A Buyout to My Landlord?
Correctly or not, landlords figure that a tenant offering a buyout may be ready to move voluntarily anyway--as in already found a new place and wants some quick cash to exit. READ MORE →
Should I Take A $40,000 Buyout Offer?
I am 65 years old. I've lived in my apartment for 22 years. I pay just under $900 for a junior one bedroom on the top floor in the San Francisco Mission district.The landlord offered me a buyout to vacate for $40,000. Should I ask for $60,000? READ MORE →
Tenant Buyouts: The Agreement
If you negotiated a buyout agreement with your landlord, get that agreement in writing. Any landlord who balks at this is going to screw you, end of story. READ MORE →