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Do I Have To Keep Using The Crappy Furniture That Came With My Apartment?
Read the lease as broadly as possible to see if any language applied to removing the furniture could be used to evict you for breach of contract. READ MORE →
Does My Unusual Lease Mean My Landlord Can Hang Out In My Apartment?
Landlords become obsessed with the inherent power bestowed upon them by their position. When the greed gets psychotic, the psychotics torment their tenants. READ MORE →
Why Won’t My Landlord Discuss My New Lease With Me?
You make your landlord uncomfortable. He knows, at least subconsciously, that he did nothing to deserve the rent increase he's requesting. READ MORE →
How Do I Get My Former Landlord’s Dead Hand Off Me?
This is a silly example of a landlord exerting dead hand control. READ MORE →