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My Landlord’s Selling My Building, And Now I Have To Fill Out A Bunch Of Forms?
The forms you described are legally characterized as "estoppel certificates." Estoppel is the fancy legal term for preventing a person from asserting a fact or a claim inconsistent with a position they previously maintained. READ MORE →
Can My Landlord “Bank” My Annual Rent Increases?
"Landlords: They are legion, they do not forgive, they do not forget. Expect annual rent increases." READ MORE →
My New Landlord Wants To Jack Up My Rent For “Operating And Maintenance Expenses Passthrough”
In California, tenants should be emailing their legislators every second of every day, to demand repeal of the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act (Civil Code section 1954.50 to 1954.535). READ MORE →
A Rent Increase Question Puts The “Lord” In Landlord
I have contacted the landlord and all they can say is that "it's been raised to market value" and "we are not being discriminatory with the unequal increases." My question is, is it within their (landlords') rights to raise rents in a disproportional READ MORE →