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SF Tenants: Jack Tarred and Feathered
Unless the Airbnb visitors are being housed in the Jack Tars springing up all over town, they must necessarily stay in residential units removed from the market, period. READ MORE →
Why On Earth Would I Have To Pay My Building A $200 Move-Out Fee?
Unfortunately anyone who proposes a "move-out fee" with a straight face won't have a sense of humor. There's no way you can make him laugh and, like the Toon Patrol weasels, make him fly away and disappear. READ MORE →
Can My New Landlord “Bank” My Rent Increases From Before She Owned My Home?
The San Francisco Rent Board has always been careful to consider the question of return on investment when establishing guidelines to deal with rent increases. READ MORE →
Is It Legal For My Landlord To Change The Terms Of My Lease After 12 Years?
It is clear and supported by case law that a unilateral change requiring insurance in a residential, rent controlled, lease can be defeated in court. READ MORE →