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Wrongfully Evicted And *Still* Can’t Get My Deposit Back
Check to see if she has already rented the unit. If she has and she is still trying to take your security deposit she will be unjustly enriched (more cool legalese.) READ MORE →
Sue For Security Deposit Or SOL?
The landlord refused to return my deposit on the many occasions that I demanded it, with no explanation. I have even attempted to contact the main management company with no luck. READ MORE →
Grand Theft Security Deposit Redux
Is it true that 71% of all tenants have been ripped off in some amount by their landlords? I understand my readers may be biased, yet it is clear from my experience and news accounts that landlords steal tenants’ security deposits. READ MORE →
Grand Theft Security Deposit
The law provides that you should be able to get your deposit back if you leave the unit in substantially the same condition as you found it. READ MORE →