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How Do I Get My Deposit Back If My Building’s In Foreclosure?
The banks and owners will all tell you that your security deposit is, poof, gone, up in smoke. Not true. READ MORE →
Surprise! You’re Not Getting Your Deposit Back!
I moved out of my apartment a year ago. My landlord's representative did a walkthrough and said everything was ok. They sent me a letter after I moved saying I owed them money. So, is it too late to get my security deposit back? READ MORE →
Do I Still Need To Worry About Getting My Deposit From Citiapartments?
When Urban Pioneer refuses your request to apply your security deposit to the rent, remind them that you will sue them for the any money they keep. READ MORE →
My Landlord Filed For Bankruptcy, Is My Deposit Gone Forever?
I know my old landlord has filed for bankruptcy. He did not return my security deposit after I moved out. Can I get my money back? READ MORE →