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How Do I Figure Out The Interest My Landlord Owes Me For My Deposit?
Use the San Francisco Security Deposit Interest/Rent Board Fee Calculator to figure your interest and Rent Board fees and remind the landlord that she owes you. READ MORE →
This Is Why You Take Photographs At Move In
Since she refused to do a walk thru, can we be held liable for the damages that were existing when we moved in? We took pictures of everything right after we moved in and they are date imprinted. READ MORE →
Stop Wishin’ And Hopin’ To Get Your Deposit Back, And Get To Court
Phone calls never, ever convince a landlord to refund a security deposit. To wait six months and think you might not have to sue is simply wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'. READ MORE →
My Former Landlord Won’t Return My Security Deposit Or Call Me Back
If every tenant in California wrote to his or her state legislators every time a landlord ripped off a security deposit, maybe the law could be re-written to reflect proactive preventions enacted by many other states. READ MORE →