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What Rules Govern Master Tenants?
If you're a sub-tenant/not on the lease, what are your rights? Can the master tenant kick you out, or raise the rent, at his/her discretion? READ MORE →
Landlord Consent, Roommates, Red Herrings, Three Dog Night
It doesn’t make sense to give the landlord a say in picking your roommate. The original tenant or tenants are still responsible for paying the rent. READ MORE →
Need a New Roommate? Father Knows Best
Why do you need the landlord’s consent? Because it says so in the lease and you will be in breach of the lease if you don’t get his consent. READ MORE →
Bad Master Tenant
The truly bad master tenant collects all of the roommates’ rent and then, for whatever reason, doesn’t pay the landlord. Usually you find out about the problem too late, when you're being evicted. READ MORE →