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Am I Still The Master Tenant If I Moved Out Of My Apartment For Six Years?
Technically speaking you are a master tenant, but you cannot demonstrate that you are an original occupant because you moved out for six years. READ MORE →
My Master Tenant’s Fallen In Love, Am I Screwed?
Welcome to Rentpocalypse 2012! Have a seat, but don't stay too long. READ MORE →
Can I Be Evicted For Subletting Without Permission?
San Francisco is expensive and many landlords these days want to cash in on the new Twitter/tech boom. One of the easiest ways to remove rent-controlled tenants is to sue them for illegal subletting. READ MORE →
Can I Get Away With Putting My Apartment On Airbnb Without Informing My Landlord?
If your lease requires the landlord's written permission to sublet, get the landlord's written permission and have at it. READ MORE →