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My (Ex) Girlfriend’s Moving Out, Will My Rent Be Going Up?
The landlord cannot increase your rent because you are an original tenant on the lease even if the girlfriend is moving. READ MORE →
My Landlord’s Threatening To Evict Me Because My Boyfriend Moved In To Take Care of Me
To paraphrase David Mamet, the landlord business is a people business. It's a fucking people business. READ MORE →
I Think My Roommate Is Crazy, How Can I Get Her Out?
Master tenants make me mad when they rip off their roommates or their actions, knowingly or ignorantly, place innocent roommates' housing in jeopardy. READ MORE →
My Absentee Master Tenant Was Scamming Me And My Landlord
Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Tenants: Never, ever rent a room from an absentee master tenant! READ MORE →