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Bad Master Tenant
The truly bad master tenant collects all of the roommates’ rent and then, for whatever reason, doesn’t pay the landlord. Usually you find out about the problem too late, when you're being evicted. READ MORE →
Troll in the Basement
A landlord who lives in his own in-law unit is usually so penurious that you can hear him squeak when he tiptoes up to your door to eavesdrop—the ultimate Cheese Ball. READ MORE →
Even Dracula Had to Have an Invite Before He Could Enter
In California, the landlord does not have to have an invitation, but he does have to give a 24-hour written notice to enter. The notice has to specify the date, the time and reason he wants to enter. READ MORE →
They Don’t Call Em Landlords for Nothing
For over one thousand years dating back to the days of ye olde English estate, a landed lord could do anything he desired to his tenants because he owned them. READ MORE →