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Stop Wishin’ And Hopin’ To Get Your Deposit Back, And Get To Court
Phone calls never, ever convince a landlord to refund a security deposit. To wait six months and think you might not have to sue is simply wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'. READ MORE →
Why Do You Assume All Landlords Are Rich?
Anyone who didn’t come in with yesterday’s rain knows that rich people always complain about not having enough. It’s in their nature. READ MORE →
Tenant in San Francisco: What’s Wrong with Working in a Bookstore?
If you are a tenant, there is nothing wrong with working in a bookstore, as long as you are working in three of them. READ MORE →
Poodle In The Microwave: Three Common Tenant Misconceptions
Tenant urban legends. If you are a tenant, don't get sucked in. READ MORE →