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Another Tenant Screwed by Costa Hawkins
Costa Hawkins--a bi-partisan law enacted in 1995 by the band of pandering griftocrats we call our state legislators. READ MORE →
Is My Landlord Lying To Tenants And Claiming They Don’t Have Rent Control?
Your relationship with your landlord will change if you complain. The next time you see him he will have donned his crown, his tights and his cod piece. READ MORE →
Do I Have To Move Out If The Condo I’m Renting Goes On The Market?
If your landlord is the person who initially converted the building to condos you won't have to worry about a $20K increase in your rent. READ MORE →
You May Not Have To Sign That Lease, But Here’s Why You Should
Landlords generally don't want to lock themselves into fixed term leases for fixed rent. Why? Because they want to keep their options open. READ MORE →