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Wet, Cold, And Moldy
All of the units' bedroom closets have huge mold problems on the walls. The landlord's best response is to just to keep bleaching the walls. Other areas of each apartment have mold the landlords only "solutions" are to cover the areas over with paint READ MORE →
Time To Get Medieval?
A three-month old baby in Louisiana died in her home from blood loss due to rat bites. The landlord spent FEMA money earmarked to repair the house on something else. READ MORE →
Every Tenant Has One–An Implied Warranty of Habitability
If you find an electrocuted rat in your kitchen stove, odds are that your landlord has breached the implied warranty of habitability in your lease. READ MORE →
A Cave By Any Other Name
The implied warranty of habitability--the landlord’s guarantee that he will provide you a unit with more amenities than a cave or a cardboard box. READ MORE →