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My Landlord’s Trying To Punish Me For Complaining About Lead Paint
I have a two-year-old. The management company is retaliating against me because I complained about lead paint chips in the bath tub. READ MORE →
My Sink Stinks
My sink is bubbling up water and sludge like a geyser every few hours. I can't use my sink to do dishes and the smell is awful. READ MORE →
Toilet Traumas
I have an ongoing problem with the toilet. The hose that fills up the tank gets clogged and sprays water all over my entire bathroom. READ MORE →
I Stopped Paying My Rent Because Of Maintenance Issues, Now I’m Getting Evicted
The landlord took three months to fix broken flashing on the roof over my daughter's bedroom. Every time it rained, it rained in my daughter's room. Should I fight the eviction or pay the rent? READ MORE →