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Is My Landlord Required To Replace My 25-Year-Old Carpet?
You can always ask the landlord for his permission to paint or upgrade the carpet yourself. I rarely recommend that a tenant upgrade a landlord's property, but small fixes and new paint may be justifiable because the benefits may justify the cost. READ MORE →
Can I Replace My Sink Without My Landlord’s Permission?
Tenants: You have to remember that you don't own your unit. Rarely is it worthwhile to improve a property you don't own. It never makes sense to improve a rental unit without the landlord's written permission. READ MORE →
A Neighboring Restaurant’s Rats Are Attacking My Apartment
While the rats may be coming from the restaurant, shouldn't my landlord be doing something to ensure that our building is safe? READ MORE →
Our Landlord’s Sawing Is Making Life Miserable
You have an opportunity to be powerful here. I'm not talking about the power of, "I'm going to sue your ass." I'm talking about the power of genuine human interaction. READ MORE →