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Can My (Troll) Landlord Give A 24-Hour Notice For Entry That Lasts All Week?
Landlord trolls with a Caligula complex are particularly dangerous because many of them are richer than god and they have a divinity delusion to boot. READ MORE →
My Living Room Is Covered In Lead Paint Dust
The Environmental Protection Agency has very stringent requirements for renovation projects that could be contaminated with lead. READ MORE →
My Building Has Turned Into A Den Of Crime
You evidently don't understand a basic tenet of life in the United States of America. If you're poor, you must live in a crime-ridden shit hole. READ MORE →
Do I Seriously Have To Hang A “Do Not Flush Tampons” Sign In My Bathroom?
There isn't a law anywhere that allows a landlord to require a "Do Not Flush Tampons" sign in a residential dwelling. READ MORE →