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Welcome to the online law office of Crow & Rose.

Dave Crow and Solvejg Rose are uniquely prepared, experienced tenant rights lawyers. We are advocates for our clients on the full range of legal issues facing tenants, consumers and others in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tenant Law

We are best known for an aggressive tenant rights law practice — which focuses solely on the representation of tenants — the Crow & Rose law firm has years of experience defending unlawful detainer (eviction) actions.

We will represent you when you sue your landlord for breach of the warranty of habitability, harassment and owner-move-in (OMI) wrongful eviction. We help tenants negotiate tenant buyouts with their landlords, but only after a complete analysis of applicable landlord tenant law and discussion of a tenant’s options.

The firm’s practice also includes tenant representation in mediation and arbitration at the Rent Board. If you are a tenant and have a problem with your landlord, need eviction help, want to sue, or just want to stand up for your tenants rights call us. Crow & Rose represents commercial tenants.

We will not represent a landlord seeking to evict a tenant, nor will we represent a master tenant evicting roommates.

Personal Injury

We aggressively represent personal injury plaintiffs. If you have been injured, you deserve full recovery. We often work with medical professionals who provide holistic and alternative, less traditional treatment.

Civil Litigation

We are dedicated to providing creative and cost-effective representation to help our clients successfully resolve litigation and other legal disputes. Crow & Rose offers experience in a broad range of civil litigation matters, including business litigation, real estate litigation, and alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration.

Crow & Rose also offers comprehensive legal services including creative problem solving, counseling, advocacy, and successful appellate work. If you need to appeal a decision, call us for a free consultation.

Offices conveniently located in downtown San Francisco at the Montgomery MUNI/BART station. Contact Dave Crow or Solvejg Rose at (415) 552-9060 or complete the form on our Contact the Tenant Lawyers page.

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Tenant Attorneys

Dave Crow

dave.newDave Crow combines broad life experience and deep personal commitment as a tenant advocate and homeless services attorney that make him uniquely qualified to resolve a wide range of legal issues.

Dave earned his Juris Doctor from New College of California Public Interest School of Law in San Francisco.

Employed at the Homeless Advocacy Project of the Bar Association of San Francisco from 1997 until 2002, his last two years there were spent as a National Association for Public Interest Law (Equal Justice Works) fellow.

Mr. Crow’s award-winning advocacy included work on the myriad of complex legal issues facing traditionally under-represented tenants, including those from the homeless, at-risk and disabled communities.

He established the firm in 2002, specializing in representing Bay Area tenants. Solvejg Rose joined him as a partner in 2005, adding several new facets to the firm. Dave Crow’s private legal practice emphasizes eviction defense, wrongful eviction and other landlord tenant and real property matters, with additional representation of personal injury plaintiffs.

Dave currently serves as a tenant commissioner on the San Francisco Rent Board.

Solvejg Rose (Of Counsel)

solvejg.newSolvejg Rose’s unique legal background spans the full panoply of legal practice and research—from criminal courts to civil courts; from private sector to public sector; from Europe to the United States.

An attorney still qualified to practice law in Germany, Ms. Rose was admitted to the California Bar Association in 2004.

In Germany, she attended the University of Goettingen Law School and received her graduate degree from the University of Leipzig. She also studied Swedish law and international trade law at the University of Stockholm.

After graduating, Ms. Rose served in the Law Clerk Program for the Free State of Saxony. She wrote judicial decisions, drafted municipal statutes, and worked closely with several judges to craft decisions.

Ms. Rose’s legal counsel to tenants and other clients was honed during her four years at the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Homeless Advocacy Project, where she represented and provided legal counsel to clients in a wide variety of legal matters, including SSI/SSDI disability benefits, landlord tenant law, and unemployment insurance benefits. Ms. Rose has successfully represented tenants in Rent Board hearings and at trial.

Ms. Rose is an accomplished litigator. She has also written numerous wills, living trusts and is currently representing plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits.

Can I Get Away With Putting My Apartment On Airbnb Without Informing My Landlord?
If your lease requires the landlord's written permission to sublet, get the landlord's written permission and have at it.
Our Landlord’s Sawing Is Making Life Miserable
You have an opportunity to be powerful here. I'm not talking about the power of, "I'm going to sue your ass." I'm talking about the power of genuine human interaction.
The Eviction Shuffle: Should I Dance?
if you’re going to become the belle of the ball, that is win, you should learn to perform as many of the steps as possible.
Need a New Roommate? Father Knows Best
Why do you need the landlord’s consent? Because it says so in the lease and you will be in breach of the lease if you don’t get his consent.
Am I Still The Master Tenant If I Moved Out Of My Apartment For Six Years?
Technically speaking you are a master tenant, but you cannot demonstrate that you are an original occupant because you moved out for six years.
How Do I Get My Former Landlord’s Dead Hand Off Me?
This is a silly example of a landlord exerting dead hand control.
Management Company Only Pretends We Have A Resident Manager
The landlord installed a phony resident manager in violation of California law.
SF Tenants: Jack Tarred and Feathered
Unless the Airbnb visitors are being housed in the Jack Tars springing up all over town, they must necessarily stay in residential units removed from the market, period.
This Is Why You Take Photographs At Move In
Since she refused to do a walk thru, can we be held liable for the damages that were existing when we moved in? We took pictures of everything right after we moved in and they are date imprinted.
Why Is My New Management Company Asking Me So Many Questions?
The document you are describing sounds like an estoppel certificate, a tenant questionnaire designed to collect information to present to a potential buyer of the property.
Why Is My Landlord Demanding A $150 Late Fee?
In the past several months I've received many more calls from tenants about late fees and rent payment methods, leading me to believe that some landlord "working group" decided to focus on this method of tenant harassment.
Does My Illegal In-Law Make My Single Family House Into A Rent-Controlled Building?
You have stepped into the landlord's shoes. You rent the unit independently and you have assumed many of the risks. Why do you wanna be a !$&#@!$ landlord anyway?
Locked Out Of The Laundry Room
Do tenants have a right to use the building's community laundry room during posted hours?
How Do I Get My Deposit Back If My Building’s In Foreclosure?
The banks and owners will all tell you that your security deposit is, poof, gone, up in smoke. Not true.
My Neighborhood’s Too Dangerous, Can I Break My Lease?
When a tenant breaches a lease, in this case by moving out before the end of the term, a landlord suffers damages.
Tenant Buyouts: Your Absolute Bottom Line
If the landlord offers our tenant family a buyout of $20,000 to move they should politely tell him to gently insert his offer into a location devoid of sunshine.
Prohibited Pets Could Put You In The Doghouse
It doesn't seem that your dog is causing any damage or threatening the neighbors, but that is not the issue. The fact is that you are in breach of your lease and could be evicted for having your pooch because it seems like the lease has a clear "no pets" provision.
We’re Basically Paying Our Master Tenant’s Rent. That’s Wrong, Right?
This is what you get when you don't truly understand that rent is simply an outrageous tax you pay to a lord to live on his land--a tax, nothing more, that subsidizes a lazy, unproductive aristocracy.
How Much Do I Have To Help The Realtor Who Wants To Evict Me?
Realtors--irrefutable proof that the United States is not a meritocracy. Between the lies, the drivel and the nonsensical notion that real estate agents are professionals, these guys make lawyers look good.
Read Your Lease
Most leases have a clause governing assignment and subletting. When you add or replace roommates you are subletting part of the unit, so the subletting cause in your lease applies.
Tenant Buyouts
If you negotiate a buyout with your landlord, you don’t want to be the guy plummeting off the cliff. That is why we will help you if you decide to take a buyout.
Tenants, Don’t Hire a <em>Landlord</em> Lawyer!
The first question you should ask a "tenant" lawyer is: Do you represent landlords against tenants? If the answer is yes, that should be the last thing you ask.
Wrongfully Evicted And *Still* Can’t Get My Deposit Back
Check to see if she has already rented the unit. If she has and she is still trying to take your security deposit she will be unjustly enriched (more cool legalese.)
Do I Risk Losing My Apartment If I Take An Out Of Town Temporary Job?
Given the facts as you relate them, you shouldn't have any problem "moving" to Los Angeles to accept a temporary contract job.